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What a better way to show lots of tender loving care to a loved one for a birthday, holiday, or just a sweet surprise while donating to charity.  Send someone some much needed love and peace with our Patchwork Muffins.  Our  Patchwork Muffins are made of a blend of pastries and breads, transformed into unique muffins that have a different flavor in each bite.  Some people call them bread pudding muffins, but we love calling them Patchwork Muffins, because they’re truly a patchwork of wonderful flavors!!


Buy Muffins, Give Muffins. Each time you buy our Patchwork Muffins, we’ll donate Muffins to a charity in need.  Each month we donate thousands of muffins to charities (all thanks to customers like you!)

Simply select the Flavor below for 1 dozen muffins and we’ll ship the muffins within 2-3 days.  Please contact us for any custom orders.

Birthdays, Celebrations, Sympathy, or just for an afternoon snack.  Life is truly a special occasion to be enjoyed.




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