Muffin Tops for Saratoga

The Muffin Men were out about in Saratoga to hand out Free Muffins to lucky passerby’s on Broadway Street. The Free Muffin Giveaway event went so well, that over 150 muffin tops were given out in just over a half hour. We needed to bake more muffin tops!

The best part of the event was talking with people that truly wanted to give donations to area food pantries, such as towards the EOC Food Pantry at the Saratoga Community Health Center. Our event also raised the issue of homelessness that exists in the Saratoga Springs area.

We had a blast. The best part of baking muffins is giving them away to raise awareness for helping the less fortunate and of course creating so many smiles on others faces through yummy snacks.

Here are some pictures to show this amazing experience…