And how AWESOME it is to simply Give!!

The Muffin Man first started by  selling upwards of 33,000 muffins a month to supermarkets and prisons throughout America but after receiving so many requests to simply help others, He now only focuses on simply Giving baked goods to others.  (whether to help the homeless, or comfort a grieving family, or even as a quick pick-me-up to cheer others along.)

The Muffin Man loves to Give to others in the community, (particularly those that are helping others too!) And now, more than ever, He needs your help.

If you know of a person or charity that is doing great things for others, then The Muffin Man would love to create a free video of them to raise support, awareness, and funds to be shown on tv stations and media oitlets across the country.

That's what this website is about; raising awareness for people and charities that are truly making an impact in their local communities.   So, please watch more and more charity videos to earn credits (or calories) towards free scones.  Or Order muffins to send to a friend, coworker, or family member.  When You buy a Muffin, The Muffin Man Gives a Muffin to Charity!!

Or most importantly, contact the charities featured on this site to let them know that you care avput their causes too.  Let them know that their work is AWESOME,  needed, and well-deserved!!

Please, go ahead, use this site to get involved and energized to shed a little light into someone's day too!!

Thank YOU for visiting Drury Lane, Home of The Muffin Man that LOVES to Give!!!

Bake On!!

- The Muffin Man


Thaddeus Pinckney, (a.k.a. The Muffin Man) is a very bright, happy and energetic gentleman who founded The Muffin Man Gives in Cohoes, NY, in May of 2001 using his food science skills from obtaining a B.S. in Food Science from Rutgers University (NJ) and his business skills from getting a MBA in Marketing at The University at Albany (SUNY-Albany). While growing up in Plainfield, New Jersey, Thad tried to create a new product for the huge amounts of blueberries grown in Southern NJ each year and began the creation of an all-natural blueberry beverage. However, after many attempts at trying to make a blueberry beverage that was only made of blueberry juice, he unfortunately realized that the costs would be too high to produce each bottle of 100% Blueberry Juice. (A blueberry only contains 20% of juice, making it necessary to use thousands of blueberries just for one bottle of juice.) Of course this left him with bags and bags of blueberries in his mother’s freezer.

After sleepless nights of drinking too much Kool-Aid, Thad had to think of someway to use the blueberries and luckily thought of putting the blueberries into muffins and the rest...the rest is history. Soon, Thad became the Muffin Man and began make muffin after muffin to sell to coffee shops, bakeries, supermarkets, and even prisons and hospitals. At one point, Thad made above 32,000 muffins per month!! (The largest muffin producer in the Eastern US)

It was just about then when the oddest event occurred. A person asked Thad to donate muffins to a family grieving from a recent loss of a loved one. After the first donation, more and more donations were requested. And in a flash, The Muffin Man changed from trying to sell the most muffins, to trying to donate and Give the most muffins. In fact, more and more people wanted to buy muffins, the more that he Gave muffins.

The Muffin Man today is just about that....Giving....and encourages you to do the same. Whether it's giving muffins, or giving your talents, Giving shows Love and makes this world such a Warmer Place! The Muffin Man loves others that Give and if you know of anyone that goes out of their way to especially make others smile, then please contact him. He loves to SURPRISE, HELP, and GIVE!!


Do You know of a quirky and interesting Charity that’s doing great work in the community and just needs an extra hand in getting others excited too?  Do You know of a person or family that could just use a little bit of cheer from a package given to them directly by The Muffin Man?  Might You be looking for the perfect gift to send to another, while also wanting to donate muffins with a special order?

Then, Contact The Muffin Man….Please feel free to contact him via email using the below form, or call him directly at (518) 669-7966. 

Thanks a Muffin!!!  We look forward to getting to know You better!