About Us


We Give Our Dough to Charity

After 14 years, we’ve learned that it’s AWESOME to get joy from loving others as we love ourselves. (Mark 12:30-31)  Originally, we sold upwards of 33,000 muffins a month to supermarkets and prisons throughout the Northeast, but now we only focus on giving personally to others in the community and donating to charities.  We are a registered nonprofit and 100% of all of the funds we collect go to helping others.   

 The Muffin Man Gives Thaddeus Pinckney
How did we get started?
Thaddeus Pinckney, a very bright, happy and energetic entrepreneur, founded The Muffin Man Gives in Cohoes, NY, in May of 2001 using his food science skills from obtaining a B.S. in Food Science from Rutgers University (NJ) and his business skills from getting a MBA in Marketing at The University at Albany (SUNY-Albany).  While growing up in Plainfield, New Jersey, Thad tried to create a new product for the huge amounts of blueberries grown in Southern NJ each year and began the creation of an all-natural blueberry beverage. After many attempts at making a premium beverage, Thad however realized that the costs associated with an all-natural blueberry beverage were far too great, leaving him stuck with bags and bags of blueberries in his mother’s freezer. After sleepless nights of drinking too much Kool-Aid, Thad thought of putting the blueberries in muffins and the rest is history.  Soon, Thad became the Muffin Man and began to send muffins as gifts across the country and for supermarkets and prisons. 
The Muffin Man Gives is a registered nonprofit and works in association with the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets to be able to donate and give muffins to charities. Across the US, people welcome The Muffin Man as the one that spreads smiles, cheer, and goodwill through muffins.